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About Us

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on community support and partnership to carry out our mission. 

We depend on a board of volunteer directors - leaders in our community - to guide us and keep us on mission.

  • Thousands of trees have taken root around Henry County.

  • Miles of trails have been developed.

  • Kids have a place to play.

  • Neighborhoods and parks are cleaner and safer.


All thanks to the volunteers and supporters of Healthy Communities of Henry County.

  • Beverly Mathews, President    
  • Chris Williams, V.P.
  • Jerry Cash, Treasurer 
  • Krystal Stanich, Sec. 
Board of Directors
  • Media: Jan Lockridge, Helen Steussy, Tom Williams, Krystal Stanich 
  • Shay Bex

  • Christi Brock

  • Jerry Cash

  • Nancy Cook

  • Michelle Frazier

  • David Gratner

  • Bill Halstead

  • Melissa Hiday

  • Beverly Matthews

  • JoAnne McCorkle

  • Rex Peckinpaugh

  • Nan Polk

  • Jeff Ray

  • Stephen Robinson

  • Krystal Stanich

  • Helen Steussy

  • Tood Thalls

  • Greg Thompson

  • Louise Thompson

  • Chris Williams

Get involved!

​There are many ways to become involved in supporting Healthy Communities - through donation, sponsorship, volunteering and participating in our events!

​Consider becoming a member. We need donations of both time and money to carry out our mission, but most of all we need grass roots support. You can make a big difference, regardless of your means. Help us become a healthier community.

  • Randy & Marcia Jones
  • Lightsourcebp
  • Jan Lockridge
  • Duane & Beverly Mathews
  • JoAnne & Rick McCorkle
  • M.L. Taylor Construction
  • Greg Midgley
  • NCHC Economic Development Corp
  • New Castle Stainless Plate
  • New Lisbon Telephone Co.
  • Norfolk & Southern Railroad
  • Pfenninger, Claxton & Estelle Ins.
  • John & Jane Pidgeon
  • John Pratt Family
  • Primo
  • Raintree Cycling Club
  • Raintree Ride Participants
  • Jeff & Judy Ray
  • Jim & Joyce Ray
  • RE Construction
  • St. Anne's Church
  • Martin Shields
  • Shoreline Asset Investments LLC
  • Smiley Enterprises
  • South Henry Regional Waste District
  • Mark Stamper
  • Tri-State Forestry Services
  • Dr. Helen Steussy
  • E. Walters Trust
  • Chris Williams & Family
  • Duke Energy
  • Ball Brothers Foundation
  • Bloomington Bicycle Club
  • Jerry Cash
  • Central Indiana Hydro Seed
  • City of New Castle
  • Harold and Nancy Cook
  • Draper Inc.
  • Duke Energy Foundation
  • Friends of Rick Purvis
  • Glen Oaks
  • Cathy and Dennis Hamilton
  • Greenways Foundation
  • Hayes Copenhaver Crider Harvey Law Offices
  • HCCF
  • Healthy Communities Annual Mtg. Attenders
  • Henry Community Foundation
  • Henry Community Health
  • Henry County Health Dept.
  • Henry County Hospital Foundation
  • Henry County Solid Waste Management
  • Henry County YMCA
  • Hinsey Brown Funeral Serv.
  • Indiana Heritage Trust
  • Inter-Local Community Action Program

Get Involved

Indicate area(s) of interest in Message:

  • Maintain trails

  • Community Outreach

  • Remove Invasives

  • Plant Trees

  • Serve on Board

  • Other

...drop us a note if you would like to donate and we will get back with you!

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