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We Remove Invasives 


"It always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela

HC-RIPS envisions Henry County free of invasive plants and full of native plants that support birds, bees and well as people!

We have 3 ongoing projects:

  1. Strike Teams work all winter removing invasive plants from local parks

  2. Landowner Surveys to help them make their properties healthier.

  3. Weed Wrangles bring volunteers together to learn hands-on how to remove invasive plants and then we clear an invaded site.

We provide speakers to public events.

You can contact us:

  • Facebook
  • Bush honeysuckle   

  • Autumn olive           

  • Multiflora Rose  

  • Privet

  • Burning bush      

  • Japanese barberry 

  • Flowering Pear Trees         


  • White mulberry       

  • Tree of Heaven        

  • Garlic mustard 

  • Oriental bittersweet 

  • Honeysuckle vine       

  • Wintercreeper            

  • Vinca

Henry County Invasives

Helpful Links:

...what it looks like 
(before and after)
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