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National Road Heritage Trail​

Length: 8 miles

Originate: Lewisville & Raysville

Trail: Crushed Stone/Gravel

Type: Out and back

The National Road Heritage Trail (NRHT) passes through southern Henry County on its way across the state. The name reflects its path which will often follow the old railroad corridor which roughly parallels the historic "National Road" (now US 40 in most places).

Plans call for all three open segments to be linked into a single Pennsy Trail in the future. The trail is also set to become one of the vital components of the National Road Heritage Trail, a proposed border-to-border trail stretching more than 150 miles between Terre Haute and Richmond, Indiana, on the abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad corridor. Just over 7 miles of the NRHT are now open in Henry County in two sections. The Lewisville section is 3 miles long, while the Raysville section is approximately 4 miles long. 

The main trail-head for the Lewisville section of the NRHT is near the South Henry Regional
Waste water District in Lewisville, a block west and about 800 feet south of the traffic light. 

The first 2.3 miles has a crushed limestone base, suitable for foot or fat-tire bicycle traffic, and extends past County Road 25W. The last .7 miles is unimproved but is suitable for foot travel and may be passable by bike. 

Raysville is the small town just across the Big Blue River and directly east of Knightstown on the south side of US 40. The trail-head for the Raysville section of the NRHT is at the SE corner where West Street, Star Blvd., and Church Street converge. The trail is 4 miles long. 

Volunteers with Healthy Communities of Henry County also installed fencing to serve as railings along the recently acquired Buck Creek bridge allowing extension of the Raysville NRHT another 1.5 miles east through Ogden to Dunreith. 

2022 NRHT Bike Ride

2022 NRHT Bike Ride

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