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 F.U.N. Park

Built by Healthy Communities and our volunteers

We Build Playgrounds

Baker Park Community Project the progress >>

In 1999 Healthy Communities with 2,000 volunteers built the F.U.N. playground in just 5 days. 

Now we have this wonderful place for the kids of the community to run and play in a healthy setting at Baker Park.

"The FUN Playground is a wonderful example of what Healthy Communities is all about. Our goal was not for every family to have their own playground, so that kids could come home from school and swing alone in their own backyards.

Rather, we wanted a place where kids from all over could come and congregate, play together, and build community. Having helped to build it themselves the kids can also share a sense of pride, knowing that they have made a difference. And that is what Healthy Communities is all about."
—Dr. Helen Steussy

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